Every gym owner deserves to have their family back, their life back, and their work done right, done on time, every time.

At VAs for Gyms, we get it.

We know what it feels like to be drowning in all of the “extra” work that comes with owning a gym, not able to actually enjoy the perks of owning your own business.

If you’re like us, you know what it’s like to feel like things won’t get done unless you’re doing them yourself. You’ve likely wondered if you’ll ever be able to take a REAL vacation, completely unplugged, where your business is thriving without your daily (or constant) input. Every gym owner deserves to have their family back, their life back, and the work done right, done on time, every time.

As gym owners ourselves, we’ve had days where we wished we’d never gotten into gym ownership in the first place. For nearly 2 decades, we’ve spent over 20,000 hours helping gym owners in over 300 gyms find better strategies for running their businesses. On average, we’ve helped gym owners experience a revenue increase of 600% PER MONTH!

Who We Are

Scott Rammage

Scott is a business owner, entrepreneur, and fitness enthusiast. It only took 6 months of doing CrossFit to convince him to open a gym of his own to bring fitness to the everyday person. Soon after opening, he realized that he was wearing every hat and found himself spending less time with gym members and more time on the administrative tasks that were draining the life out of him. After coming home late to a dark house with cold food on the dinner table, Scott realized he was giving everything to the business and nothing to his family. That’s what motivated him to find ways to better use his time and re-prioritize his life. Now he spends every day connecting gym owners just like you with solutions to help them get their time (and their families) back as well

Josh Price

Josh is a gym owner and former lead mentor for the largest gym mentorship program in the world. Through his work, Josh has helped gym owners increase their average revenue from $5,000 to $30,000 per month. After serving in the armed forces, Josh fell in love with power lifting and CrossFit and opened his affiliate soon after. Josh quickly became immersed in the never ending duties and roles in running a gym. Several years in, Josh came home to his wife packed and ready to leave. It was at that moment Josh realized that his business had completely overtaken his life, and he was losing what he loved the most as a result. That moment motivated Josh to take control of his business and gain his life back, ultimately saving his marriage. Josh now has a passion for helping gym owners avoid the trap of giving everything to their business, and he teaches them how to thrive.

We are committed to helping you get back to doing the things you love in your gym so you can stop feeling so stressed, overwhelmed, and absent from family and friends.

The process is simple:

First, schedule a Consultation. We take about an hour together to fully understand your gym, your needs, and your pain points to develop a plan to provide solutions for success. Finally, we execute, and you relax. Our team of professional VAs will implement and execute on the business end of your business.

Once you schedule a FREE Consultation Call, you’ll have taken the first step to getting your life back.